Make New Friends

Make New Friends is a podcast about the trials and tribulations found in the realm of friendship! Together with my co-host Sienna Mooney, we tackle different topics every week, expounding on our experiences in making and keeping friends while keying in scholarly research for a supported perspective. For Make New Friends I manage the social media and recruit bloggers!

Find more about Make New Friends on our website, and if you’d like to contribute, or have a topic suggestion, send us an email!

Museum Masters

In 2016 I premiered my first podcast, Museum Masters. Museum Masters is an audio discussion between Allison Kopplin and myself on varying topics important to emerging museum professionals! We wanted a way to keep up to date with the going ons in the museum world while trying to make our way post-masters degree life. In February of 2018 Museum Masters will return with it’s third season. I produce the podcast, edit, and control its social media presence.

To learn more about Museum Masters check our Twitter and Subscribe on iTunes.