I’ve had the privilege of creating videos, speaking at conferences, working for conferences, and advising on video creation for over 10 years. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some of my favorite and recent works!

Though I’ve retired making video content for myself, through my work at Rational 360 Digital and as Digital Director for Cheri Bustos for Congress, I’ve continued improving my live producing, directing, and video editing skills. At Rational 360 I produced a monthly show called AlzTalks as well as the yearly National Alzheimer’s Summit for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. When I moved on from my work at Rational 360 I produced and directed Above the Fold with Cheri Bustos, a weekly livestream and podcast.

Since 2016 I’ve been the Creator Manager for Buffer Festival held annually in Toronto. Buffer is a digital film festival welcoming filmmakers from around the world. As Creator Manager I’m the chief liaison between the creator, their manager, and Buffer Festival. I coordinate festival invitations, video submissions, travel, accommodation, and weekend-of creator management and hospitality.